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2016 Cool Climate Classic


When: 4th - 5th June

Where: AIS Combat Centre, Canberra


April 2016

 At Rapid Signup


Visit our Competitions page for more information.



 Information Pack coming soon.

To all our fellow Taekwondo Practitioners,


ACT Taekwondo is pleased to invite all Australian Taekwondo practitioners and their supporters to be a part of the Cool Climate Classic to be held at the AIS Combat Centre in Canberra on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July 2014.

Following the success of the previous year’s events, ACT Taekwondo welcomes all competitors to experience the Nation’s Capital in winter time while being part of a premium Taekwondo competition. Our long term goal for this event is to develop the Cool Climate Classic Competition into a destination event on the calendar of players from all over Australia with a focus on quality competition, inclusion and participation in the spirit of taekwondo.

Technical and Sparring events will be held at the Australian Institute of Sport Combat Centre in Canberra.


Doors open at 3:30pm, for competition to commence at 4:30pm.


Doors open at 7:30am, for competition to commence at 9:00am.

Competitions and displays will occur throughout the day.


Daedo Scoring

All Cadet, Juinor and Open sparring divisions will use the Daedo Electronic Body Protector System.

Our goal is to run the whole competition with the Daedo scoring system.  If there are any yellow belts players on the day who can borrow or have their own Daedo footgaurds they will also be eligible to compete with the Daedo scoring system.

*Note: All competitors please bring traditional hogu in case of system failure. Any competitors 30kg or below must bring traditional hogus incase daedo scoring hogu does not fit.

Athletes competing in these divisions will need Daedo Sensor Socks to participate. If you do not have these they will need to be ordered prior to the competition. Limited sizes will be available for purchase on the day.


This event is made possible through the support and partnership of ACT and NSW Taekwondo. ACT Taekwondo has enjoyed a strong history of working with NSW Taekwondo to the benefit of our players, officials, volunteers and spectators. We look forward to continuing to develop a better and stronger Taekwondo community together.


Yours Sincerely

Mike Griffiths

ACT Taekwondo Tournament Director


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