2012 Grand Master Kim Poomsae Training Camp

Taekwondo Australia recently hosted a Poomsae seminars and camp conducted by Grand Master Kyung Chan Kim. Grand Master Kim is the WTF's Poomsae Committee Vice-Chairman, the Poomsae Referee Committee Chairman and the International Poomsae Seminar Teacher.

The training camp included six days of intensive workouts for instructors, coaches and athletes. Grand Master Kim took attendees through each form step by step as well as the international standard for Poomsae scoring and judging. Further training was conducted by Grand Master Kim showing various methods on how to improve the standard of Poomsae in Australia

We had the following representatives from ACT Taekwondo:

  • Master Danny Crkvencic - IMPACT Martial Arts
  • Ewen Lee - IMPACT Martial Arts
  • Kyle Knowles - IMPACT Martial Arts
  • Kerstin Oberprieler - IMPACT Martial Arts
  • Natalie Lyons - IMPACT Martial Arts
  • Courtney Tiller - IMPACT Martial Arts
  • Tracey Tiller - IMPACT Martial Arts
  • Cynthia Benjamin - IMPACT Martial Arts

Congratulations to all those that attended!

(L to R - Natalie, Kerstin, Tracey, Grand Master Kim, Master Danny, Ewen, Cynthia, Kyle and Courtney)